My Dream Interview

Throughout the 90s and the early 2000s, Whitney Houston remained a powerful pop icon. I personally dreamed of interviewing her when I was an older, and wiser person. However, in 2012 Whitney Houston shockingly passed away, leaving both an amazing legacy with her beautiful voice and a vast void in our hearts.

As a gay man of color, I have always had a place in my life and heart for Whitney Houston. Whether it was her music or her, I do feel her loss continually today. I have been asked many times “who would you bring back from the dead if you could?” and it would be Whitney Houston. I just have so many questions for her. Houston’s thoughts on the industry then and now, things about her private life like her sexuality, and I just want to hear what stories she wants to share to the world.

Realistically, I would love to interview both candidates who ran in the mayoral race for Saint Petersburg. Although, the more interesting interview lies within the people that helped these candidates run for mayor. Hearing about their reasons for supporting the candidate, how they really feel about the candidate they are supporting versus the candidate they are not, and their perspective on local politics would really make for a great piece While talking to either Ken Welch or Robert Blackmon would be an amazing opportunity, as a journalist I think the constituent’s perspective is the more fascinating point.

Thinking about my logic on the national playing field, it is absolutely fascinating to read about and hear about Donald Trump supporters’ perspectives on Joe Biden and Biden supporters’ perspective on Trump. The representative or candidate’s ideas, story, and their own individual perspective is important. The story, however, in my opinion is more about the constituents who are advocating for this person to represent them in some sort of way.

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