Personality Profiles

As a journalist, the thing I am most looking forward to actively doing is “personality profiles”. When I was younger, I dreamed of interviewing the famous, beloved, and cherished: Whitney Houston. I talk more about this in my “Dream Interview” blog post. However, since her passing in 2012, I thought my dreams had been crushed.

As time went on and I got older, I figured out that there can be more to profiles than just one person. A high-quality piece showcases the storyteller’s ability to utilize a multitude of perspectives or interviews to convey a point. The intricacies of the many interweaving perspectives fascinate me and itches my brain in just the right way.

One good example of a “personality profile” or a deep look at a person or persons livelihood, way of life, their mental and emotional states, and much more has to be the New York Time’s “Controlling Britney Spears”. The Time’s documentary is an in-depth look behind Britney Spears and her conservatorship. The story they tell, supported by multiple interviews, and anecdotal evidence, makes me strive to work my hardest to tell similar stories.

For me, I think big names like Britney Spears or Whitney Houston are important to interview and capture. It is important to talk to politicians like Donald Trump or Joe Biden. However, I noticed that the focus, for the most part, is always on the big names or people in the room. I want to hear more about the person not in the spotlight. I want to tell Patricia Doe’s story, and how she was on a green card raising her little sister, or the story of why Jeremiah Leo left the Latter-Day Saint’s church and being exiled by the very people he grew up with and who said they would love him forever. I want those stories and many more to be told, and I want to give people the platform to tell it.

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