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I am interviewing an acquaintance of mine, Eduardo, about having a pass to Busch Gardens. More specifically, I am writing a story about how COVID-19 has affected theme parks and the way they used to function. From Disney “trashing” or getting rid of fast passes to their new park reservation system.

I wanted to talk about and look at what our local theme park, Busch Gardens, is doing COVID-19 wise, how avid customers feel about it, and how it compares to what Disney and Universal are doing. Researching for materials was not that hard as I used their websites for the “main information” and then I found secondary sources like other news sites perspectives.

One of the biggest challenges was scheduling the interview, it took about twice to reschedule. However, I had all my materials and questions ready to go way before. The next hurdle was finding a place to interview at, which was a local coffee shop. I have a Sony audio recorder, so I just used that to record audio to listen back too.

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  • jenna fast

    hi justin, i love the sound of this already. this will be a really interesting story to read. i never thought about how covid-19 effected theme parks and attractions, but i can only imagine. it will be cool to hear the differences between all of the theme parks and how they handle covid-19.

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