Who Is Justin?

At Hawkers after Jonathan O’Brien and Justin Seecharan became official. Photo taken by: Jonathan O’Brien

Justin Seecharan is a twenty-one-year-old Mass Communication major currently working on the last sixteen credit hours of his associate’s degree at Hillsborough Community College. Seecharan’s plan is to transfer to University of Southern Florida’s St. Pete location as they have a fantastic and well-matched digital journalism degree. Seecharan first became interested in journalism in ninth grade. In tenth grade, Seecharan joined J.W. Mitchell High School’s “Mustang News Crew”. Starting out making videos, and doing a lot of things behind the scenes, eventually Seecharan became one of the main anchors for the news show.

Finishing his high school career on the news, Seecharan aimed to go to Pasco-Hernando State College. However, as time went on their battle with their mental health lead to them dropping out. After two years of going to therapy, growing as a person, and getting ready to return to school. In Fall of 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Seecharan returned to college. Eventually discovering a passion for writing throughout this journey. With that discovery, Seecharan is open to more than just broadcast journalism.

Seecharan writes the aptly named ‘Jseechy’ blog or “What’s the Seech?” in his spare time. Covering a wide range of topics from fears, abuse, mental health struggles, or just personal issues. Seecharan’s goal is to help normalize and validate people who might not necessarily share all that often similar feelings out of fear of being misunderstood.

Seecharan is an avid gamer, writer, and reader. He is currently reading the “The Adventure Zone” comic novels based off of the popular Dungeons and Dragons podcast based of the same name with the McElroy brothers. Seecharan is a PC and Nintendo Switch gamer, but he is open to all kinds of new experiences.

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